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Sopebox has the ability to host your Web site and have it up and running on one of our dedicated servers. Our severs have have multiple fiber optic gigabit connections and directly peers with major networks, battery backup and emergency generator power, a climate controlled environment, and 24 hour, 365 day monitoring. Because we won't host thousands of Web sites on one server, you know you will always get full speeds and access.

We don't believe in you having to pay a lot up front and then a lot monthly for your service. That's why we are offering this to you. Web hosting should be simple to set up and to use and not expensive. Even if you don't use one of our products, you can still use our hosting services.

All accounts include...
  • True Virtual Host (http://www.yourname.com)
  • Domain Name Registration
  • Support for FrontPage 2002
  • Support for PHP 4
  • Your Own Secure Web (SSL) Directory
  • Your Own MySQL Database
  • Your Own Standard Web Directory
  • Your Own cgi-bin Directory
  • Direct Access Via FTP, telnet and ssh
  • OC48 (2,400 megabit/second) Backbone (i.e. VERY fast!)
  • Multiple Internet Connections For Backup And Redundancy
  • Battery Backup and Emergency Generator
  • POP3 Authenticated SMTP
  • Multiple POP3 Mailboxes
  • Mail Forwarding
  • Mail Autoresponders
  • Detailed Daily Web and FTP Activity Reports
  • Access To Raw access_log Files
  • Server Side Includes
  • Email Forms
  • Ability to run CGI
  • Full Shell Account
  • Full Unix Development Environment
  • Java and Javac
  • Perl

So it is inexpensive to start (FREE!) and inexpensive monthly and you get all the features above. Plus be among the first to know of our new software that we create.

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Web Hosting
Monthly Web Hosting services
Starting at just $10 per month
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